Spring term 2023 - termly headteacher meetings

Thursday 23rd February 2023

The spring term Primary Headteacher meetings will be held this month on the following dates:

WEST                     Wednesday 1st March 2023              Online
Zoom link
Meeting ID: 838 4664 9760
Passcode: 674748

SOUTH                   Thursday 2nd March 2023
Greenwoods Hotel and Spa, Stock Rd, Stock, CM4 9BE

NORTH -EAST        Wednesday 8th March 2023
Colchester Football Stadium, United Way, Colchester, CO4 5UP    

MID                         Thursday 9th March 2023
The Lion Inn, Main Road, Boreham, CM3 3JA

You are likely to want to attend your local meeting, but if the date doesn’t work for you please do attend any of the other meetings. There is no need to book the morning EPHA meeting. The West meeting will be online as the date clashes with proposed industrial action by the NEU; we have assumed that many headteachers will need to be in school on that day to manage any possible disruption.

The agenda will include input from the Local Authority concerning a number of key issues, including where we are as county (Ofsted and Pupil outcomes), an update from the Regional Director, and SEND improvement priorities, as well as the termly update from Clare Kershaw, Director of Education.

Following a break in the morning, Natasha Taylor and Anita Patel-Lingham will explain what schools need to know about disclosure of evidence to the LA held by them that may be required in criminal proceedings for non-school attendance. They will explain the requirements, including information from recent cases, and answer questions that headteacher may have.

Emily Welton, ESSET Professional Officer, will attend the meetings to give an update on the inreach/outreach proposal to support mainstream schools with SEND.

In the afternoon Jo Barclay will run the termly safeguarding forum meeting – headteachers are very welcome to stay on and attend, and other staff from schools across the area will join the meeting.

If you plan to attend the safeguarding forum, please make sure you have booked a place via the Education Essex online booking system.  The West safeguarding forum (1st March) will be held online – choose the “web” option if you plan to attend that session.

The minutes of the EPHA AGM and Executive meeting(s) held on 19th January are now available on the EPHA website. The links are:

EPHA Executive minutes

EPHA Executive meeting with LA Officers

The spring term newsletter will be printed and circulated at the meetings. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any more information about the meetings or other EPHA matters at pam@langmead.me.uk

I look forward to seeing you at the meetings.

Pam Langmead
EPHA Professional Officer

Pam Langmead