Welcome pack

Welcome to headship in Essex from Harriet Phelps-Knights, Chair of EPHA

"Whether this is your first headship, or you are an experienced headteacher but new to the County, I would like to introduce the Essex Primary Headteachers' Association and offer our support as you take up your new post."

The welcome pack includes

  1. Letter of welcome and how to contact EPHA and access information
  2. Membership of the Executive Committee and Area/District Representatives
  3. Information about the EPHA Colleague Supporter programme
  4. What headteachers get for their contribution to EPHA
  5. Meeting and conference dates 2023/24/25
  6. The partnership between EPHA and the Local Authority
  7. EPHA Constitution

There is also a handbook for EPHA which explains the various roles and responsibilities on the EPHA Executive, the frequency and purpose of meetings and the administration of the association. Plus, a checklist for a new headteacher, listing key information that he/she needs to know.