Membership of EPHA

EPHA is run by an Executive Committee with representatives from all the four areas and Local Delivery Groups across the county.

The EPHA Professional Officer, Pam Langmead, serves the Executive Committee, its officers and representatives and is available to support all primary headteachers.  She is also the county Treasurer and currently attends meetings on behalf of primary headteachers and liaises with key partners, in particular the Local Authority and secondary and special heads' associations. Contact Pam at

The EPHA Executive Director, Nigel Hookway, acts as the local and national voice for Essex Primary headteachers, gathering and disseminating views and concerns, and working to influence and change policy to benefit heads and their schools. Contact Nigel at

Headteachers represent EPHA on various focus groups, and report back to fellow heads via the Executive meetings.

The EPHA handbook gives details of the purpose and administration of the association and its various meetings.