Summer term 2021 - primary headteacher meetings

Wednesday 9th June 2021

The summer term Primary Headteacher meetings will be held in June as usual but they will be online as a result of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic and national lockdown. The dates and Zoom invitations are below.

You are likely to want to attend your local meeting, but if the date doesn’t work for you please do attend any of the other meetings. There is no need to book the morning meeting, just join using the link, and please type your name into the chat box, so that we can keep a record of attendees.

The dates of the meetings are:

NORTH-EAST       Wednesday 16th June
Meeting ID: 880 8408 6217
Passcode: 568913

SOUTH         Thursday 17th June
Meeting ID: 845 0318 0112
Passcode: 860961

WEST          Wednesday 23rd June
Meeting ID: 895 0115 8381
Passcode: 298122

MID               Thursday 24th June
Meeting ID: 889 7290 0882
Passcode: 485867

We will start the meeting with an update from Clare Kershaw and her team, including a safeguarding update from Jo Barclay. After a break mid-morning, there will be an EPHA slot including the Area AGM and annual chair’s report, and then there will be presentations from Peter Radford – at the North East and South meetings, and Maria Brosnan – at the West and Mid meetings.

Peter Radford - Are you doing too much?
The art of doing less, but achieving more.This session will focus on how to lead your team effectively and create a thriving working environment that is sustainable and balanced. For too long we have just accepted that teaching and headship has to be all consuming. Another way is possible.

Having gone through a breakdown, and out the other side, Peter Radford, author of Love Teaching Keep Teaching, will draw on his experience to present a different approach to leading mentally healthy schools whilst staying mentally healthy!

For over 20 years BEYOND THIS founder Peter Radford has worked to help people live significant lives and positively impact the lives of others. He is an experienced public speaker, teacher, trainer and coach with a wealth of experience, of leadership, management, personal development and education. He now works with businesses, organisations & schools to help develop the strategies and momentum to meet the challenge of change and achieve their goals.

The pursuit of wellbeing
Maria Brosnan is an experienced leadership and wellbeing trainer, mentor and coach, who works with senior leaders and teachers in schools.
Many believe that disruption necessitates grit - we just have to ”push through” until the storm passes. However, evidence shows that “gritting through” challenge ultimately impedes performance, wasting time and resources, and impacts our health.

In this presentation, Maria will explain the physiology of stress and the impact it has on performance and effectiveness, and gives some simple but effective strategies to make immediate improvements.

More information at

I have attached this term’s EPHA newsletter, which includes dates for EPHA meetings and conferences in the year ahead. 

Last but not least, the minutes of the EPHA AGM and Executive meeting(s) held on 29th April are now available on the EPHA website. The links are:

EPHA Executive minutes

EPHA Executive meeting with LA Officers

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any more information about these or other EPHA matters at

I look forward to seeing you at the meetings.

Pam Langmead
EPHA Professional Officer

Pam Langmead