EPHA safeguarding resources for September 2022

Thursday 21st July 2022

I have produced a number of safeguarding resources, which I hope will be helpful at the beginning of the new term.

You will have seen the new version of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022, and I have produced a version with the changes highlighted (both on the EPHA website home page and/or safeguarding section). 
Part 1 is not available yet as a stand-alone document, but when it is I will highlight the changes and upload it on the EPHA website.

I have also updated the KCSiE follow up quiz, including the answer sheet and the presentation, based on the 2022 guidance, which you might find useful when you are doing a child protection/safeguarding update at the beginning of term. 

In addition I have written a 7-minute staff meeting about the changes to KCSiE and will update all of the 7-minute staff meetings so that they reflect current guidance.  I have also produced a new one focused on Online Abuse.
These can all be found at https://essexprimaryheads.co.uk/info-and-documents/seven-minute-staff-meetings/

Safeguarding training for governors – recorded presentation
In this year’s edition of Keeping Children Safe in Education, a new requirement has been introduced, that governors and trustees should receive appropriate safeguarding and child protection training at induction. This training equips them with the knowledge to provide strategic challenge to test and assure themselves that the safeguarding policies and procedures in place in schools and colleges are effective and support the delivery of a robust whole school approach to safeguarding. We are recommending that all governors undertake safeguarding training, and that this should be regularly updated. I have written and recorded a half hour training session for all governors, which offers topical training on their safeguarding role in school.

The recording of the presentation can be accessed at https://youtu.be/H7oEm9Lw9ZQ
The slides for the presentation can be found on the EPHA website at https://essexprimaryheads.co.uk/info-and-documents/seven-minute-staff-meetings/  Look for: Safeguarding training for Governors – September 2022
Along with an accompanying handout https://essexprimaryheads.co.uk/files/safeguarding-for-governors-september-2022-handout.pdf

Pam Langmead
EPHA Professional Officer

Pam Langmead