EPHA safeguarding resources for the autumn term 2020

Monday 20th July 2020

You will have seen the draft version of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020, and I have produced a version with the changes highlighted (both on the EPHA website home page and/or safeguarding section). 


Part 1 is not available yet as a stand-alone document, but when it is I will highlight the changes and upload it on the EPHA website.

I have also updated the KCSiE quiz, including the answer sheet and the presentation, which you might find useful if you are doing a child protection/safeguarding update at the beginning of term. 

In addition I have written a 7-minute staff meeting about the changes to KCSiE and I have updated all of the 7-minute staff meetings so that they reflect current guidance. 

I have written two Covid-19 related staff meetings, which I hope you will find helpful. They focus on “Keeping safe in school” and “Pupil wellbeing” at the start of the autumn term.

Last, but not least, you might have spotted in the recent Attendance Matters bulletin that the team was recommending that schools update their Attendance Policy with a statement about Covid-19. I have updated the EPHA Attendance model policy and have attached it here (and on the website https://essexprimaryheads.co.uk/info-and-documents/model-policies/ )
This has been agreed with Anita Patel-Lingham (Statutory Education Compliance Manager) and Jo Barclay. The only change is an additional paragraph at the beginning of the policy.

Pam Langmead