Information from Essex Police on the new CYP Police Officer role

Tuesday 15th November 2016

The focus of this new role is identifying and engaging/dealing/intervening with those known or suspected to be most likely to become victims or offenders.  It is highly likely that some of these children will not attend school regularly or may attend an alternative provision - Looked After Children are another area where there is likely to be greater vulnerability (generally).

Officers will want to engage with schools on individual cases as schools hold much valuable information about the children and young people on their roll.  They will also be in a position to identify vulnerable pupils.  Obviously some schools may have more contact with the CYP Officers than others in response to local issues or concerns - the catchment areas of some schools may require more intervention than others.

In respect of educational talks, Essex Police have now collaborated with the Essex Fire and Rescue Service and have a joint team of 6 staff (directly managed by the Fire and Rescue Service).  They have started to roll out the new programme of educational packages which will grow in time.  There are a number of programs that can be delivered to various age groups in both primary and secondary schools. The packages are fully assessed for age appropriateness by the University of Roehampton.   The packages include already established programs provided by ECFRS such as Safe journeys to School, Home Safety (which includes fire safety and safety from bogus callers), a program regarding Arson and Damage to Property (Anti-social Behaviour), a new package on Cyber Safety (which is being adapted for primary age children but will exclude sexting from that age group – will cover sharing of images but not refer directly to sexting).  There is a seasonal package currently being delivered regarding Firework Safety and offences related to misuse of fireworks - this will also include behaviour and safety at Halloween.

The collaboration is new and will be reviewed in March 2017 to discuss what messages should be added to the programme. The intention is that all main areas of concern will be covered and there will be a consistent, universal message delivered across Essex.

Schools can find more information and request a program here:

It is important to note that if there is an incident or crime that schools wish police to be involved in, they MUST report it via 101 or 999 (where appropriate) and not directly to a CYP Officer.

Pam Langmead