Appointment of an Executive Director for EPHA

Saturday 28th November 2015

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Nigel Hookway as Executive Director for EPHA, a serving headteacher in the North East of Essex, who has been in headship for 16 years.

Nigel brings significant strengths to the role, both as a successful head of two schools, and with the experience of working with and for local and national organisations, including Ofsted, the NAHT, the DfE and the Local Authority. We are confident in his ability to lobby and promote the views of Essex primary-phase heads and their schools, and believe that he will have the vision, experience and authority to challenge policy at a local and national level.

Nigel is married to a serving headteacher (who is also an Ofsted inspector) and they live on the coast in Suffolk. They have two grown-up sons who live and work in London.

He is passionate about primary education and is determined to support schools to achieve the very best for their pupils and staff. He can also juggle, a particularly useful skill for a primary head! Nigel is looking forward to supporting headteachers in Essex and understands the pressures of being a leader in the current education system, with the inevitable impact on well-being that this brings. Nigel will continue to lead his school for the rest of the academic year, but will start his new role as Executive Director on a part-time basis from January, working closely with the EPHA Executive and the Professional Officer.

Pam Langmead