Results of the recent funding survey carried out by the Headteacher Associations in the Eastern region

Wednesday 8th July 2015

A recent survey of Primary schools carried out by Eastern Region Headteacher Associations has revealed that schools across the region have already made or are preparing to implement significant cuts over the next two years to try to balance their school budgets. We had anticipated that there would be a difference between the budget situation of Primary and Secondary schools for two main reasons:

1. Post 16 funding cuts have been more drastic

2. Increasing numbers of pupils in the Primary sector have shifted more funding towards Primary budgets.

However, this survey shows that Primary schools are also experiencing significant financial problems and these will grow worse over the next three years, especially in smaller schools.

Click on the links to see the commentary and results of the primary and secondary surveys.

Richard Thomas, ASHE Executive Director, has written to MPs on behalf of Eastern region schools, setting out the concerns of schools about the potential funding crisis.

Pam Langmead