The New Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Toolbox

Monday 27th February 2017

The New 'SET CSE Toolbox' is now ‘Live’ and ready to use….

It features a range of guidance, resources and a new ‘SET CSE Risk and Vulnerabilities Assessment’ that can be used by staff working with children, young people and families when they have concerns about child sexual exploitation.  

The SET CSE Toolbox replaces the SET CSE Risk Assessment Toolkit and has been created in consultation with the National CSE Response Unit (part of the National Working Group).  

The new risk assessment is a sharper, more focused instrument and guides professionals through the complex network of young people’s lives to gain a better insight into their vulnerabilities and indicators of CSE.  

Within the CSE toolbox you can find:

  • Guidance for professionals on how to use the toolbox, including the Risk and Vulnerabilities Assessment.
  • Resources and useful web links for working with parents and carers, and young people
  • Guidance on reporting CSE concerns to Essex Police
  • Guidance on working with suspects or persons of concerns as well as hotspot management
  • The new CSE Risk and Vulnerabilities Assessment
  • Essex Police Child Information Sharing Form

To access the CSE Toolbox visit the ESCB website using the following link: CSE Professionals Page

To support staff in using the CSE Toolbox and the CSE Risk and Vulnerabilities Assessment, a short, free, online training course is available. Details of how to access the SET CSE Toolbox Online Training are available on the Learning and Development CSE page of the ESCB website.

Pam Langmead